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Acker Awards Program!

Mr. Norman Acker of St. Stephen, NB, a long-time out-of-town member of Congregation Shaarei Zedek, has been an outstanding financial supporter of our community.

It is his most recent generous donation that has made it possible to announce the Acker Awards Program.

The program focuses on the youth in our community, with monetary awards going to graduating high school students planning to attend post-secondary education or those students currently pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized university, college, or school of higher learning.

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Program's Purpose

The purpose of the Program is to encourage and nurture our youth to be involved in the Jewish community of Saint John.
In addition to the Acker Awards, we will provide a limited amount each year for teen social activities.
These activities will be developed and organized by the teens and will be another way to encourage
a sense of community.

Who can apply?

1. Applicant’s family must be a member of Congregation Shaarei Zedek in Saint John

2. Applicants must be high school graduates planning to attend post-secondary education in a recognized university, college or school of higher learning

3. Applicants taking a Gap year are eligible as long as they plan to attend post-secondary education

How to apply?

1. Applicants must complete an online application form that will include:

Applicant name, age, address, email, phone, name of parents

2. Letter of acceptance or pending acceptance from university, college or school of higher learning

How to qualify?

1. Essay explaining why the applicant is a worthy candidate, including a summary of volunteer activities within Congregation Shaarei Zedek, Saint John Historical Jewish Museum, or the Jewish community.

2. A minimum of 18 hours of volunteer activities is required.

Volunteer activities include but are not limited to: Helping in the Jewish Museum, Attending Friday night services, Creating art work, music, songs, and writings for the community, Helping with community events, Organizing and participating in events for our youth.


1. The annual application deadline is May 1st for studies beginning in September or later, depending on start dates of various programs

2. Recipients will be announced on May 31 st of each year


1. Submitting an application does not confirm automatic receipt of an Award. Students can only apply once for an Award.

2. The amount to be awarded will be determined by the number of qualifying students applying in any given year. The maximum amount per student for each year will be $1,500.

3. The total of the Acker Awards for each year will not exceed $6,000.
This award is not based on financial need or school marks, but on the level of volunteer participation and interest shown by the applicant.
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