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Shaarei Zedek Cemetery

The Shaarei Zedek Cemetery is the oldest Jewish Cemetery east of Montreal and was established in 1880. The Cemetery has well over one thousand graves and has been the cemetery of the Saint John Jewish community through the years. In the early years it served as the burial sight for both the Fredericton and Moncton communities. We are proud of our cemetery and the treasure of Saint John’s Jewish Community history that it holds.

What should you do in the event of a death?

The first thing to do would be to get in touch with the head of the Chevrah Kadisha to inform him or her and to start the funeral process. That person can answer a lot of the questions that will occur and that most people have not considered until the time of death.

Brenans Funeral home

The Congregation conducts our services through Brenans Funeral home. The Chevrah Kadisha chair will notify Brenans and arrange a time for the traditional body preparation, and time of the funeral, in conjunction with the family. The congregation has volunteers who serve on both the men’s and women’s Chevrah Kadisha.

The service

The family representative of the deceased will meet with Brenans to arrange and choose the services that Brenans can provide. You will provide information for an obituary and information regarding billing as this is a contract between Brenans and the family.

Mixed burial service

Our Congregation offers a traditional burial to those of the Jewish Faith and those that are of a mixed marriage where one of the couple is Jewish and a member of Congregation Shaarei Zedek.

Mixed burial service provided by the Congregation has a separate set of protocols and can be obtained from the Chevrah Kadisha chair

Funerals' fees

The Congregation supplies a plot in the Shaarei Zedek cemetery free of charge to all members in good standing. Burial for those who are not members of the Congregation but live in Saint John and the surrounding area will be assessed a fee for burial and plot to be determined by the Congregation Board.

The Congregation has arranged a base price for all Jewish funerals. This includes the traditional wooden casket, the traditional body clothing, the hearse transfer of the remains to Brenans and from the Funeral home to the Shaarei Zedek Cemetery.

Fees charged by Fernhill Cemetery for opening and closing of the grave are paid by the Congregation and passed on to the family in Shaarei Zedek’s billing for funeral service. All funerals are charged a fee of $2500.00 to go into the Cemetery Fund to maintain our Cemetery in the future.

The family

Shiva services are at the discretion of the family.

The purchase of a tombstone is the responsibility of the family and must be approved by the Chevrah Kadisha.

The Chevrah Kadisha chair may assist with this.


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